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Who We Are

At Horizon Plumbing and Piping Systems our professionals aim to out perform the competition. If you are looking to get it done once and get it done right, we are your choice. With multiple generations of knowledge, we offer you the value of experience while embracing the most modern progressive techniques to guarantee a worry free outcome. We back this with a Lifetime underground warranty and a 1 year above ground warranty.

Horizon Plumbing and Piping Systems owner and founder Marc Rainville Is a licensed plumber with more then 20 years experience in the field of plumbing. Also a certified Electronic Engineer, Marc specializes in solving problems and troubleshooting issues in a smarter and more efficient manner, saving you time and putting some of your hard earned money back in your pocket. We are a fully equipped company and can handle anything from the smallest household leaks to large building maintenance. Feel free to give us a call to see if we are the right plumbing company for your project.


Water Piping of Choice We carry and install all types of water piping. Our preferred piping choice is Wersbo Aquapex. This material carries a 25 Year manufacturers warranty. Guaranteeing that your investment into your plumbing system is long term.


Small household repairs Drain Cleaning of all Sizes Drain Flushing Camera Inspection and Locations Small and Large renovations Commercial maintenance Commercial installations and projects Well Licensed and certified


There are many great Bands and styles to choose in the industry. However some can be very difficult to service. We always recommend three in particular. American Standard, Delta and Moen. The ability to easily service these products along with readily available parts are saving you time and money.


Keep it simple. Today's cars are so advanced that when they break down or need replacement parts they cost a small fortune. The same can be said for plumbing fixtures. Over complicated fixtures can often lead to complicated repair solutions down the road.


An Industry first. Have you ever wanted peace of mind that the job was done right. Call us for a blocked main drain and the camera inspection is always free. We aim to do the job right the first time and the camera will prove it. This is roughly a $300 service city wide. We believe the Camera is a tool not a cash grab.